An Open Letter

Dear Avett Fans,

First off, I want to thank those of you who have concerns for sharing your feelings about this. I’ve had nothing but positive vibes coming my way until this morning.  I want to clarify what I can. 

1) These posters are not EXTRA VIP posters. These are a 4th version that are similar, but are not what the VIPs received at Red Rocks and will be customized further. While I do have a few extras from that night, I have separate plans for them (and however many of these 4th posters remain) that I will announce in a few days.

2) I checked in at every point during the design and printing process to make sure I was doing things the “normal” way. I don’t have an online store, and this is the only way I knew how to make them available.

3) Yes, I have been reaching out to fans, because it is they who want the posters. The people I’ve been in contact with until now have been excited to be part of this process, and I hope when they receive their poster, CD, lesson, whatnot, that they feel that it was well worth being a part of.

4 ) Unlike drum companies, who give away entire kits to drummers they love (because the company is in a position to be able to sell so many more), violin companies are usually individual luthiers (stringed instrument makers) who are not in a position to give away several hundreds of hours of work and thousands of dollars worth of materials.

5) Violins are expensive.  Everything that has been raised is going directly to the luthier. Here’s an example of another violinist who raised money to get a professional grade instrument. 

6) I really did lose the posters, and then upon opening the box, discovered there were twice as many. When you are traveling with three busses and a semi truck, things disappear and reappear. If you doubt me, ask Pete (lighting maestro extraordinaire) about it. He will tell you all about my happy dance that I did when he found them. While I now wish there was a video of said reaction, I’m actually really glad that there wasn’t as it was probably ten times more ridiculous than anything I’ve ever done on stage ;)

It’s scary to put oneself out there as much as I have, and along with the heartwarming, amazing experiences come criticism, judgement and whatnot. I accept the good and the bad together. I know I will never be able to please everyone. As you get more successful, and you’re lucky if that happens, you have more people paying attention to what you’re doing, and they form strong opinions. 

I invite anyone who feels strongly about this to consider that they may not have an accurate perception of what my life is like, what my bank statement reads, and what my heartfelt intention is, and that those inaccuracies might also extend to any person you see on any stage. We are all humans, doing the best we can with the resources we have.

Thank you & best wishes,