My top 5 favorite (non-alcoholic) drinks

I was just sitting here drinking a cup of my favorite tea and thinking to myself “More people need to know how awesome this tea is” so I figured I’d make a post about 5 drinks I’d recommend to a friend :)

5 – Coconut Almond Milk. This particular variety is insanely great. If you like eggnog or chai, this hints at both without bogging you down with too much flavor or calories. Fantastic in coffee and black tea.


4 – Daily Greens Juices, especially “Renew”, which has watermelon in it.


3 – Kevita Sparkling Probiotic Drink, specifically the Mojita / Lime Mint Coconut flavor.


2 – Honey Lavender Stress Relief tea by Yogi Tea


1 – Lemon Water – this is number one for a reason! Everything runs so much better when you have fresh, clean water with some organic lemon squeezed in. Your skin thanks you, your brain thanks you, your tummy thanks you too! A nice variation is cucumber. 


Sending out the love!