My dreams for a sustainable life

I have long dreamed about having a tiny home. As a kid I was fascinated with RVs, and as I got older, tour busses. The last ten years, I’ve probably spent thousands of hours fantasizing about how I would design a tour bus or a tiny house.

Being a musician, it’s not easy to convince a bank to give you a mortgage, and I’ve always had problems with authority figures anyway ;)  The idea of spending so much on interest disturbs me deeply, and the idea of building something just for us stirs a longing inside me.

I’ve read so many blogs and articles, but this morning I’m inspired in a new way. The Tiny House Family is amazing. Usually when you see couples with kids living in tiny houses, the kids are newborn-toddler aged. Their kids are 10 and 12, respectively.

Clearly they have serious skills when it comes to construction – Karl, the husband, built a beautiful full-sized home while they lived in the tiny home for over 4 years (!)


Since Andy and I don’t have that kind of knowledge (though Andy does love himself some hammer and nails ;), I have a slightly different fantasy. I want to buy land, build a tiny house, and then host two workshops on said land – a natural building workshop (people can camp out on the land, and we build either a straw bale, rammed earth, earth sheltered, cobb or some other kind of awesome home together as a team) and a permaculture workshop, building a food forest and a giant greenhouse (maybe even some aquaponics?). This way we all learn together and it’s not so overwhelming. I realize, after being the new kid, over and over growing up, learning the art of independence and the beauty of solitude, that what I crave now is community, teamwork, a sense of belonging.

home800a_sw3 Farm_1acre

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We will need to save for awhile before any of that can become a reality.
Here’s a quote about saving money from the interview Hari Berzins of the Tiny House Family did with

“Over time, delayed gratification has become second nature for us. We keep a wish list on our bulletin board. A thing has to be on that list for at least 30 days before we allow ourselves to buy it. By that time, we almost always find that we don’t need it, don’t want it, or found something else we could repurpose.”

My new way of being! 

“Traveler, there is no path, the path is made by walking.
Traveler, the path is your tracks and nothing more.
By walking you make a path, and turning, you look back
At a way you will never tread again
Traveler, there is no road, only wakes in the sea.”
― Antonio Machado