Three Nights At Red Rocks

It’s Sunday morning. Andy and I are getting ready to leave the hotel to go back for one more night at Red Rocks!

It’s been a wonderful experience, and Andy got a taste of fame, thanks to Brian Hilner and Chris Cole, who both bought Buffalo Stack T-shirts in support of Andy’s band :)

My VIP posters turned out well – It’s my first time designing an art print, and I’m thrilled with the result. I’ll post soon more about the meaning behind the print. There will be an exclusive print commemorating the three nights available soon. Read More

What it’s like

Life on the road with The Avett Brothers

(Originally written for No Depression Magazine)

I’ve been trying to write this article about what it’s like being on tour with The Avett Brothers for six months. It’s not that I have nothing to say – quite the opposite – I’ve got pages and pages of material. What’s been holding me back is a phenomenon that I’ve witnessed with almost every member of the band and crew. There is a protectiveness around the core members of this band that I’ve never felt in any other project that I’ve been a part of, fueled equally by the integrity that Scott, Seth and Bob project and by the obsessiveness that some of the fans that follow them exhibit.

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