My name is Tania and I’ve been a full-time touring musician since age 15, when I quit school to start my own record label (it’s a long story). Two years ago I lived in NYC and was constantly hustling for work – learning songs, making charts, showing up at the gig or the studio, and doing my best to make it through another month. A few years before that I was in a band, signed to a record deal, living in Nashville, touring constantly but unable to break through to that tipping point that would have┬ámade the business sustainable.
Now I’m part of the best team I could have ever hoped for. I tour full-time with The Avett Brothers, and when I’m home I join my amazing husband Andy Stack in his band, Buffalo Stack, and our duo, The Stacks. I don’t take a single moment for granted!

When I’m not making music, I love to paint (acrylic), garden (permaculture), cook (grain-free, vegan, vegetarian) and practice Yoga (Yin and Forrest are my faves).

Enjoy your visit here!

21 thoughts on “HOME

  1. What a blessing to have your big sound and presents aboard with the Avett Brothers group. Very talented and seem to be a pleasant and humbling group of guys. I wish you and the guys many great musical years ahead.

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