My dreams for a sustainable life

I have long dreamed about having a tiny home. As a kid I was fascinated with RVs, and as I got older, tour busses. The last ten years, I’ve probably spent thousands of hours fantasizing about how I would design a tour bus or a tiny house.

Being two musicians, it’s not easy to convince a bank to give you a mortgage, and I’ve always had problems with authority figures anyway ;)  The idea of spending so much on interest disturbs me deeply, and the idea of building something just for us stirs a longing inside me.

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My super cool hubby :)

The other day, my husband asked me to compile these photos and put them to a song he wrote, produced, engineered, mixed, sang and played guitar on. As you can see, he’s been working hard the last 6 months on this project, and it’s incredibly gratifying to see it all come together in this little montage. The new album is almost out – I can’t wait to share it with you! 

Being Green

One of my biggest obsessions in the last decade has been eco friendliness. Since I married my sweetheart, the greenness has extended to housecleaning too. In the last couple years, I’ve spent way too much time on pinterest, and that has taught me a lot about what is possible as far as DIY cleaning agents go.

I recently modified a recipe I found on pinterest for an all purpose spray cleaner that works on counters, bathrooms, etc. It works, and it’s super easy to make.


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Top 10 Travel essentials for Health & Wellbeing

I’ve spent most of my adult life on the road. I once went for 4 years without having a fixed address. Over the years I’ve worked out a little system to keep myself at my best, and while priorities change, there are a few things that are constants on the road for facilitating a healthy life while in constant transit. I’d love to hear from you all – those who travel for work and for pleasure, to find out what you consider essential!

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