Hello Everyone!

I hope the spring has been treating all of you well!

I’ve been on the road with The Avett Brothers full-time, and during┬ámy time at home I’m helping my husband Andy Stack launch his new album with his band Buffalo Stack (of which I am a sometimes member and all-time biggest fan!). I designed their album artwork and website, and we’ll be launching a crowdfunding campaign any day.


For those of you who are wondering, I will no longer be playing with The Duhks. After a three-year hiatus I tried again to make something of all the years we had put in trying to “make it”. Alas, it was not meant to be! All I want to┬ásay about that is that sometimes you have to learn a lesson more than once for it to really integrate… and that I am incredibly blessed that The Avetts contacted me when they did! I feel like the luckiest person ever.

2014-04-26-avettThey are a great group of people and working with them is a huge honor and pleasure. I’ll keep posting more (and twittering) about my life on the road with them so stay tuned!




16 thoughts on “HOME

  1. well that helps me to understand why we missed you at Merlefest…thought you had left the Duhks..but looks like you have not but are dabbing in as much as you can…having seen the Avetts at least 20 times, and from the Concord area – know you are playing with a great group…but did Miss you at Merlefest….have Fun…life is short, enjoy!


  2. Tania,
    We saw you with the Duhks and on your own last fall at Magnolia Fest. We love your solo CD and really enjoyed your sets.

    So sorry you won’t be here with the rest of the Duhks in Pasadena, Ca this July. We are so looking forward to hearing the band again and will miss you dearly. We do look forward to hearing Rosie and will give her all our support too. Now we can look forward to seeing you sometime again soon too.

    LA Ken

  3. Always a fan of your fiddle, Miss Tania. We will sorely miss you with the DUHKS.

    We were very fortunate to make it to your show in Ames, Iowa, this Winter. 3 hours of driving an 5 degrees below zero when we finally made the gig. It was worth everything to see\hear you play.

    Thanks always for your wonderful music. We will always be your fan. Much congratulations on your marriage and we wish you all the best of luck & love in all you do.

    page crow

  4. I was really looking forward to seeing you again when the Duhks play Floydfest,especially with Jessica singing again.Don’t get me wrong,I loved Sara’s singing also,but I never had a chance to see Jessica with the band.

    You will be missed.

  5. Hi Diane.
    I have indeed left the band – at first we thought it might be temporary, but now I know it’s for good. I think Rosie is an awesome player and I’m thrilled to hear her interpretations of the music I wrote and helped arrange! I hope to see you at an Avett Brothers or Buffalo Stack show!

  6. I think you are are great addition to the band. We were at the show last night in Bonner Springs, Kansas and everyone in the group like your energy and sound! Take care.

  7. Tania: I saw you last night at Red Rocks with the Avett’s and I just want to tell you how amazing your performance was. I was blown away. I have been a huge Avett fan for years. This was my 8th show and I’ll see them 2 more times before the summer is over. I look forward to seeing you with them again. You bring such lovely energy to the stage. And you, Bob and Joe together was sheer perfection. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for a great show. Hopefully we will see you again in Las Vegas!!!

  8. Could you tell me where I could find a dress like yours.,the one you had on at the red Rock concert on Saturday July 12. I loved it and that dress is going to be my weightloss incentive! Thank you!

    Lynda Blake

  9. You were amazing at Red Rocks! Great addition to TAB and loved your solo. Plus you rocked incredible shoes each night!

  10. Just saw you last night (7/25/14) at Verizon Amphitheater with The Avetts.

    You were, in a word, amazing.

  11. Tania- I just wanted to say that I saw you in The Duhks 3 times (learning about you from NPR originally when I lived in GA) and now I live in the UK and am soon to move to London- and I’ve followed y’all through the years and I feel that your fiddle playing is more integral to the band than any other player, much as I love Jesse and Leonard. The last album which I recently ordered was so missing your presence. I miss you in that. My husband has listened to The Duhks and various bluegrass and my poor attempts at banjo since moving, but I’ve always secretly hoped y’all would come to the UK even if we had to host you ourselves, as I’m such an absolute fan. I love your fiddle. Please come to the UK. Please contact me and I’ll organise a place for you and try to organise a following. I’ve loved you for 13 years. Thanks Tania!! xoxo- Angie

  12. Just wanted to leave a note of thanks and encouragement- happened on a recording of annabel while watching a movie recently,googled the duhks, and there it was, a wonderful body of work. Watching videos of live performances blew my wife and I out of the water. Your voicings on fiddle, as well as your vocal harmonies are amazing, the lines you create alternately haunting , innervating, and above all beautiful.
    My wife and I play, and draw inspiration from talent such as yours. The sadness in never breaking through commercially is evident in your comments, and prompts this strand, wherein we hope upon hope that you are achieving financial stability while still feeling the magic of what happens when you play with others.

  13. Hi Tania! Just wanted to let you know I saw you last night in Toledo (and back in May in Detroit) and you killed it with the boys! Also, coming from a 5 foot tall girl, your microphone height struggles with Bob made me smile. I hope to see you again next year :)

  14. I am LOVING that you are part of the Avett Brothers tour this year. I’ve seen two of the shows and I am mesmerized by watching the energy flow between you and the other members…especially Joe.
    I am also enjoying getting to know the music of Buffalo Stack. Good Stuff.

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