Tania Elizabeth’s sound on the fiddle is unmistakable no matter what genre she is playing. You hear the ghostly bowing, the electric, Hendrix-inspired wails, the driving set of tunes and know that it comes from a woman deeply rooted in Traditional music who isn’t afraid to take it to the edge.
A co-founder of the Juno and Grammy-award winning band The Duhks, Tania has been a full-time touring musician since age 15 when she started her own record company, released two albums back-to-back and began touring internationally, all within two years. At age 18, she put solo work on the back burner, and for 8 years she toured relentlessly with The Duhks. When they decided to take a break, Tania switched gears, learning how to accompany singer-songwriter Mary Gauthier. Playing as a duo for two and a half years challenged her to play and sing from a very different place, and prepared her well for the next phase in her life – touring with The Avett Brothers.
Gods & Omens, her most recent self-produced album, pays homage to her roots and heroes, featuring songs by Lynn Miles, Richard Thompson, Mary Chapin-Carpenter & Darrell Scott, and original instrumental compositions that honour some of Canada’s most important and iconic Traditional-based musicians: Oliver Schroer, Ashley MacIsaac, Daniel Lapp and Natalie MacMaster.
Recorded in Victoria, BC, Nashville, TN and in hotels while on tour, what started out as an anagram for “Demo Songs” evolved into a full-fledged & beautifully balanced album that marked the beginning of a new era for this young Canadian musician.